Bryce A.

Dr. Frank Capobianco may look intimidating at first with his “hulk like” stature, however his abilities to bring back a better, healthier, happier you is what makes him a one of a kind chiropractor. He helped me with my ability to move and feel better. Chiropractic has given me the opportunity to be functional again. From being disabled from the army and walking with a cane to lifting weights, running obstacle course races, and getting back to working in aviation which is what I love doing most. No matter how old you are or what state your body is in, chiropractic therapy with Dr. Frank is the way to go. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he is a witch doctor. Thank you Dr. Frank.

Danniel P.

I competed in teen bodybuilding for three years and did pretty well. Since the introduction of the new classic physique I decided to try the division. Last year I took an overall in my first classic physique competition at the San Diego Night of Champion. I’m now prepping for a local show as a warm up to a pro qualifier.

I’ve had deep tissue work done more frequently this year but came to Dr. Capobianco to see what the work he did was, especially being a bodybuilder himself. He assessed my physique in a few poses and noticed my stance was off. He adjusted me and did work on my left trap as well as my outer lats. It was well worth it. It has definitely helped with the constant aching of my neck and traps along with making it easier to get blood into the muscle during training.

I’d definitely recommend Dr. Capobianco. He understands what is needed for people placing their body under the stresses of hard training as well as the need for symmetry in competitive physique sports.

Kristin F.

After suffering from knee pain for almost two years and not being able to run, it is easy to get discouraged and become less hopeful about the outcome. I almost expected every health care provider to approach my treatment the same, repetitive way. But this is entirely the opposite experience I had with Frank while he undertook my complaint.  His extensive knowledge of anatomy, diagnostic abilities, and myriad of manual skills, from soft tissue mobilization to adjustments, made his treatment plan for me highly individualized and effective.  He was able to get me running and competing again after multiple failed attempts under other physician’s care.  Aside from being such a talented clinician, Frank demonstrated a genuine interest in getting me back to doing what I love the most.  Expect nothing short of 110% from this guy!!

Matt N.

Being a patient of Dr. Capobianco’s is an experience that has no rival in the domain of pain management and care. I’ve competed in Strongman, Olympic Weight Lifting, Powerlifting (long time member of SuperTraining Gym), and the Highland Games for over a decade and have had numerous times where my body was in desperate need of a chiropractor, especially when I tore my adductor while squatting over 700lbs. I’ve personally had three different Doctors regularly work on me over the course of that time to keep my body functional. In my experience, Dr. Capobianco rose above all of them with his eagerness to hear me as concerned patient, willingness to address my issues, and a superior level of dedication and disciple to ensure that he gave me his best at each treatment. The recurring rubix cube of injuries I received over the years under the bar were all expertly dealt with through his mastery of Graston, ART, and his wheel house of chiropractic manipulation. Most notably in the times when I wouldn’t be able to sleep because my pain was so tremendous. Thanks to Dr. Capobianco, I keep control of my pain. I can say when I’m done raising bar, and not the other way around.

Thanks for having my back Dr. Capobianco!

IFBB Josh W.

I’m Josh Wade, I’m an IFBB professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, gym owner (Team Wade Fitness) and author of “becoming a stronger person”. I worked with Frank Capobianco for the first time in May of 2016 while preparing for a national bodybuilding competition in New Jersey (Team Universe) which I ultimately won my class and the overall! He severely helped me increase my range of motion through ART, Graston and adjustments which significantly helped the stimulation of muscle tissue as well as my flexibility for posing and getting in the positions needed to present my physique the best possible! I would highly recommend anybody to work with Frank especially with his knowledge of athletes and his care for every individual!

Gabe S.

I have been a competitive athlete all of my adult life.  From semipro football, to competitive Strongman; I have physically abused my body in many ways.  During those times I was on the receiving end of countless physical therapy sessions ranging in all techniques and styles.  None of the people who worked on me had the same effect as Frank did and that’s saying a lot since he didn’t start working on me until I was in my 40’s.  I truly believe that if it were not for Frank, I would not be able to be as active as I am with as little pain as I have at my age.

Savanah B.

As a competitive athlete and personal trainer, minor injuries and constant muscle tightness are frequent problems. Recently, I had a small hip injury that was making it very painful and almost impossible to squat. The work Frank performed on my hip, and the recovery exercises he gave me to do at home, allowed me to recover quickly and successfully. Furthermore, many of the successful meets I have had I owe to Frank and his willingness to be there to work on me during the competition. Frank is extremely knowledgeable in this field, loves what he does, and always makes you feel comfortable.

• Former powerlifter
• Strongman competitor (ironclad meets, and 2016 Odd Haugen California strongest team comp)

IFBB Casey O.

As an IFBB Professional Women’s Physique athlete I am constantly pushing my body to the max, resulting in aches and pain.  Dr. Capobianco is great about assessing the issue, correcting it, and also giving techniques to minimize or eliminate the problem altogether.  After Frank worked his magic on my hip flexors and glutes, I am finally able to squat again!

Dave P.

Hands down some of the best chiropractic care I’ve ever received! If you are looking for a chiropractor who is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get the help you need, look no further. Dr. Capobianco helped me get back in the gym after my neck and upper back pain had gone too far. He is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how it all works. I highly recommend you book an appointment as soon as possible!


I first worked with Dr. Capobianco while preparing for my IFBB Pro debut. At the time, I was struggling with some chronic quad and hip pain that was hindering my workouts and making life miserable. In the past, I have sometimes felt misunderstood by doctors who don’t understand my sport. Frank approached my personalized treatment from the perspective of an athlete, not just as a practitioner. We ultimately decided that a combination of adjustments and Graston was the best approach. Frank went above and beyond on my treatment and I almost immediately felt marked improvement in my workouts. And, he’s also provided me with exercises, tips on form and hands-on instruction to strengthen weak areas that contributed to my injuries. Five stars for Dr. Capobianco!!

Jeremy F.

As someone who has spent close to 20 years in the weight room as a recreational athlete and a physique competitor, I’ve had my fair share of injuries along the way. With that, I’ve also seen my fair share of chiropractors. All have been helpful, but none have approached what I have experienced with Dr. Capobianco. Whether it’s his own “in the trenches” time in the weight room or his incredible drive to learn everything he can to help others, he has helped to alleviate most of the chronic issues I’ve had as well as provided me with the tools and knowledge to minimize the ongoing problems. Dr. Capobianco is a true professional in every sense of the word. He cares deeply about his patients and he would never be satisfied with the band-aid approach. He is obsessive about getting to the root of the problem so that treatment can begin on a long term solution. I can’t say enough great thing about Dr. Capobianco and the work he does. He will be sorely missed here in the Sacramento area and we wish him nothing but the best as he heads north to offer his world class care to the people of Bellingham, Washington.

Jeremy Froley, B.Sci.,CSCS,CISSN
Owner, Ironclad Strength and Conditioning

Manny J.

I was always a skeptic when it came to chiropractic care, but when I started having constant back pain that would not be helped with deep tissue massages, physical therapy, or constant stretching I took my personal trainers advice and went to see Dr. Frank. I started feeling better almost right away. I even took my wife who always had nagging should pain and our 9-year-old twins who do gymnastics to be checked out. He exceeded all my expectations! Thank you Dr. Frank

I was very sad to see him go when he moved away. Good luck Frank! We miss you!

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