About Us


Empowered Care Chiropractic was started with the vision of providing Bellingham and surrounding areas with unparalleled chiropractic service and individual results. We take the time to provide you with personalized, convenient care with the primary emphasis on obtaining the fastest possible results. Using a holistic approach to each problem that comes before us, we conduct a complete evaluation of the injury and surrounding areas, looking for deficiencies or weaknesses that may factor into the problem. By understanding each person’s unique physical challenges, better and quicker results are possible, as well as reduced risk of future injury.  Empowered Care Chiropractic offers innovative and advanced chiropractic care with functional rehabilitative programs, cutting edge manual therapy techniques, and nutritional support to give you the most complete conservative care package possible.  Whether it’s just pain relief or full injury rehab, we provide comprehensive and individualized treatments, depending on your needs and requirements. It is our goal to not only help you feel better and live pain-free but to empower you to start living a healthier, more functional life. Our mission is about achieving what matters most to you, because that’s what matters most to us.

Meet The Doc

Dr. Frank Capobianco, DC, CSCS

Dr. Capobianco has dedicated his life to the pursuit of fitness, strength, and overall well-being. He has been involved in the bodybuilding community for over 20 years and his past accomplishments include competing as a bodybuilder at the national level and earning his CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) through the National Strength and Condition Association. Although he is no longer stepping on stage, he continues to enjoy training, living a bodybuilding lifestyle, and providing others with the mobility to pursue their physical passions.

His first exposure to chiropractic care came about when he was struggling with a weightlifting injury. Dr. Capobianco sought out care from a chiropractor which resulted in a speedy recovery. Dr. Capobianco was so impressed with this recovery that he continued to see his chiropractor for the next decade before moving out of the area to pursue his own doctorate in chiropractic. He attributes much of his success in the gym and on stage to the supportive care he received from his chiropractor during this time period.

Dr. Capobianco has a long history of helping others. Prior to his chiropractic journey he earned his Associates of Science Degree in Paramedicine, becoming a paramedic, from American River College and spent three years working on an acute neurology wing at Mercy General Hospital in midtown Sacramento.

Dr. Capobianco attended Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California where his tenacity and disciplined work ethic allowed him to graduate top of his class as Valedictorian, summa cum laude, receive a Presidential Scholar award for academic excellence, and be inducted into the prestigious Pi Tau Delta International Chiropractic Honor Society. While attending PCCW Dr. Capobianco was a Motion Palpation representative, Motion Palpation club president, and member of the PCCW Sports Council. During this time at school he became ART (Active Release Techniques) full body certified as well as IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) certified. He is actively continuing his chiropractic education, in order to offer his patients the best possible modalities and treatments.

Dr. Capobianco’s passion and commitment to providing his patients effective, individualized and thorough chiropractic care translates into a uniquely therapeutic and empowering healthcare experience for you.

In his spare time Dr. Capobianco enjoys spending his time in the gym which he refers to as “Iron therapy”. His other hobbies include but are not limited to spending quality time with his wife Nicole, amature photography, amature videography, reading, hiking, visiting the San Juan Islands, and planning road trips to new and exciting destinations.

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